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Escaping Reality: How the COVID-19 Pandemic Changed the Way We Play

By Henna Punjabi Longtime friends gather around the dining room table in their college apartment. Papers are strewn across the table, laptops and dice scattered and mixed up between the players. Fingers, still greasy from the shared pizza, rush to grab a pencil and hurriedly take notes on the directions to the next city. “Alright, […]

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Learning Digitally: Educators shift to online learning in response to COVID-19.

Zoom. Schoolology. Google Classroom. These digital platforms are all seeing an increase in use during the COVID-19 pandemic while educators across the world make the monumental shift from face-to-face teaching to 100% online teaching. Infographic sources: Rice University Schools extending Spring Break Gov. Abbott temporarily closes schools and restricts meetings to 10 people or less […]

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Timeline Video of Texas State University Response To The COVID-19 Pandemic

by Roman Ysaguirre In early March, college campuses across the United States responded to the coronavirus pandemic by canceling club meetings, sporting events and in person class sessions. Texas State University responded within the same time frame. With rapidly updating information, it can become disorientating and overwhelming. This video serves as a reminder of the […]