Pandemic Perspectives of Central Texas

Much like the storm seen here, the pandemic has ravaged the world in quite an intimidating and unprecedented way.

VANNELLA, MAIRI – There is, quite literally, hardly a person in the world whose personal life or career hasn’t been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. School buildings are closed for extended periods, everyone who isn’t an essential worker is working from home, and shoppers have lost their collective minds over toilet paper (even though the symptoms and effects of the illness do not warrant excessive stores of the commodity). This is a reality throughout the globe, and the small focused area of Central Texas is no exception to that fact. In this, the same truth of many individuals affected on different levels holds true across varying demographics.

I conducted audio interviews with four Central Texas residents about their experience through the pandemic. The focus was on how their personal or work lives were affected, and any advice for fellow individuals struggling to make the best out of something dark – something that has made itself at home for two months and counting.

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