Favorite taco shops in San Marcos Survey

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By Timia Cobb

In a survey collected from 28 students attending TXST, each student was asked to choose their favorite taco shop out of four choices. The restaurants were Lolis, Fuego, Santi’s and Chepos. Fuego was the most voted for with 15 votes. Santi’s was the second most vote for with eight votes. Lastly, Loli’s had three votes while Chepos had one.

The reason I believe Fuego had the most votes is it being popular in this area and it being open 24 hours. The various taco options Fuego offers is also a reason. Santi’s has a little more than half the votes Fuego collected but It personally is still my favorite. Santi’s is authentic and the food is very well made. The flavor Santi’s tacos have can’t be compared to a restaurant such as Fuego but they each on their own are amazing taco shops.

Despite Lolis’s wonderful breakfast tacos, many didn’t choose it as their favorite taco shop. San Marcos is a college town meaning Loli’s hours might be affecting them more than benefitting them seeing the restaurant is only open from 5 a.m.- 2:30 p.m. However, I do believe Loli’s is a wonderful breakfast taco stop and compared to the other taco shops I visited their sausage, egg, and cheese taco was one of my favorites.

Lastly, Chepos is a family favorite but it has easily become a place on campus that is convenient to eat at because it is close and not overly expensive.

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