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Stonewall Queens Making a Dragging Impact on San Marcos

By: Arian Helm, Danielle Wright, Jay Prather, and Nicole Wolf

Stonewall Warehouse is the first gay bar opened in San Marcos, TX founded by a local gay man, Chris Roo. Stonewall is the only gay bar between Austin to San Antonio. Stonewall has given San Marcos locals an outlet to express themselves openly in a safe environment. The club host local balls, game nights, and the popular drag queen races.

Drag races are held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On Tuesday nights, the club host “Are You Smarter than A Drag Queen?” Drag races are open to anyone who wants to express themselves freely. Manager, Lena Jacobs, explains in an interview that there are a variety of different people who participate in their drag races, including women! Uretha Franklin, drag queen, talks about her experience with drag and the culture.

Stonewall will be celebrating in its 5th year anniversary on December 4, 2019.

Stonewall’s performer, Urethra Franklin, and customer, Jessie Thiemann, talk about why they love drag. Video by: Jay Prather
The sign outside the staircase leading to Stonewall. Photo by Nicole Wolf.
These colorful, rainbow stairs lead upstairs to the Stonewall bar and club. Photo by Nicole Wolf.
The empty stage at Stonewall where several drag queens perform every week. Photo by Nicole Wolf.
People at Stonewall excitedly wait for the drag show to begin. Photo by Nicole Wolf.
Maxine Laqueene, one of the top 3 finalists, strikes a pose at the end of performance. Photo by Nicole Wolf.
Drag queen Chyna Dawl lip syncs during her performance at Stonewall. Photo by Nicole Wolf.
Dixie Dawl, one of the drag queens who performed, struts on stage. Photo by Nicole Wolf.
Surprise performer Paris Daniels dances on stage to ‘Bring Me To Life’ by Evanescence. Photo by Nicole Wolf.
The top 3 finalists of the drag queen competition wait for the reveal of the winner. Photo by Nicole Wolf.
Urethra Franklin, the winning drag queen of the night, gives her all in her performance. Photo by Nicole Wolf.

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