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The Texas Millennial Perspective in a COVID-19 Era

SAN MARCOS, TX— With nearly 2,000,000 confirmed cases worldwide, the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 has changed all aspects of everyday life. For young Texan millennials, their situation is no different. Currently, Texas has about 14,000 confirmed cases. On March 19, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed an executive order, announcing the closure of all Texas schools, dine-in […]

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Photo Gallery: Coastal Bend Food Bank Makes Strides in Wake of COVID-19

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX— The Coastal Bend Food Bank and food pantries across the Coastal Bend have made major strides to provide food for struggling families since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) began. As people continue to horde supplies and panic purchase food items, the amount of food available to these citizens has declined […]

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Global Healthcare Crisis Amid Pandemic

This story will highlight global issues in healthcare regarding private insurance plans in America. Where roughly 27 million Americans (and counting) are uninsured during a pandemic crisis. KILLEEN, Texas – As tragedy arises, deep-rooted issues are revealed. What is the next biggest issue besides not having an immediate cure to a pandemic outbreak? Private healthcare […]


Day By Day: Progression Through A Pandemic

Nearly two months has passed since Governor Greg Abbott issued the initial 14-day isolation for the state of Texas. During that times, non-essential businesses were forced to close their doors until further notice. Bars, malls, gyms, movie theaters, hair salons, nail salons barbershops, and a variety of other retail stores suffered from the decision and […]

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Learning Digitally: Educators shift to online learning in response to COVID-19.

Zoom. Schoolology. Google Classroom. These digital platforms are all seeing an increase in use during the COVID-19 pandemic while educators across the world make the monumental shift from face-to-face teaching to 100% online teaching. Infographic sources: Rice University Schools extending Spring Break Gov. Abbott temporarily closes schools and restricts meetings to 10 people or less […]

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Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: Framing the Environment at the Local Level

Climate change, sustainability, and anything associated with these topics have become hot topics (no pun intended) as the weather and environment has grown more unstable over time. Summer heat is more oppressive, river beds belch out the remains of beer cans and plastic bags, and local food production finds itself navigating warped seasonal planting/harvesting times. […]


Seeds of Labor

For some backstory, these past few weeks have been stressful in numerous ways. In the beginning it wasn’t so bad, but I started to become restless being inside all day. While I was able to enjoy some of my indoor hobbies like reading and drawing, I still felt a bit of cabin fever. The remedy […]

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Texas Climate Watch

With the recent pandemic looming over our heads, it might be hard to come across any good news lately. Thankfully there are at least a few positive outcomes from COVID-19 that we can shed a light on, specifically pertaining to the environment here in Texas. The latest studies and data from researchers has revealed that […]