Texas State University

The First-Hand Experience at Career Fair 2017

New Opportunities for Texas State Students

Career Fair begins at the LBJ Student Center with a few students arriving early. Career Fair is a great time at Texas State for Mass Communication Students to reach out and begin networking.
Businesses at the career fair prepare to give Texas State students a first-hand experience. Meeting official organizations will help students understand what is expected of them at future jobs.

Mass Communication Week at Texas State University is an important time for students. The event invites a variety of businesses in the mass communication field to showcase the many jobs students can expect to apply for after graduation.

Sun Radio 99.9 is primarily stationed in Austin, TX. However, O’Neal felt it was important to reach out to aspiring Texas State students because they may listen in on the local radio.
Apple Care Center is another business stationed in Austin, TX. David and Emily were professionals at the booth and they attended the career fair in the hopes of recruiting students to be a part of the apple family. (Last names withheld in the interest of privacy as stated by the representatives.)

Students were seen throughout the event enjoying every aspect of what they were learning. Career Fair was more than just a recruiting opportunity for businesses. The event was an opportunity for all organizations in attendence to engage undergraduate students in real first-hand job experience. Understanding a company and the meaning behind it is an important part of Career Fair.

For students ready to apply for jobs many if not all businesses were accepting resumes. This gave many upperclassmen a chance to further their college experience with possible internships or part-time jobs.

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