Environmental Impact in San Marcos

SAN MARCOS – San Marcos, Texas is home to roughly 68,000 people. These residents are made up of both members of the community and students of Texas State University, and each of them have access to the nature that the city has to offer. 

San Marcos is located in the heart of the hill country in Texas. Surrounded by trees, rivers and wildlife, San Marcos is a great place to get your nature fix. The city has many spots to enjoy nature, and it is important that it is properly preserved. Soon, there will be irreversible damage that can not be undone – meaning that daily impacts to the nature in San Marcos are extremely crucial.

  • E Sessom Drive in San Marcos is one of the most scenic roads in the city. Surrounded by trees and wildlife, the nature can be enjoyed from the car too.
  • Jack Dewitt, graduate of Texas State University participates in the beloved tratidion of the University, jumpining into the San Marcos river at Sewell Park after walking the stage. This tradition is celebrated by many, making the San 
  • Ivars River Pub in San Marocs is a popular pub to grab a bite to eat and enjoy the river views. Many residents come to get a popular drink and enjoy the nature. 
  • Kate Smith, senior at Texas State University often visits Starkey Park in San Marcos to enjoy the river. Many enjoy the park for the trees and wildlife that it has to offer. 
  • Senior at Texas State University, Margot Crocker, has visited Rio Vista Park since she arrived at Texas State as a freshman. The park provides places to relax as well as walking trails to enjoy the river.
  • One of the most popular river activities in San Marcos is floating the San Marcos River. The experience offers beautiful views of the river as well as the surrounding nature. 
  • Rio Vista Park is home too many spots by the trees to spend time with friends and enjoy the water. This tree is one of those spots, offering a climbing spot to see the vastness of the river.
  • Recent graduate of Texas State University, Jack Dewitt has been walking the trails of Purgatory Creek for over four years now. The trail system offers views of the city of San Marcos and the surrounding nature. 
  • Ham-mocking is one of the many ways to enjoy the views of the river. Senior at Texas State University, Jordan Neidlinger has been utilizing these views and a good 
  • Spring Lake Nature Trail is popular among residents of San Marcos. The pets of San Marcos enjoy the environment and nature just as much as the residents!
  • Jack Dewitt, graduate of Texas State University participates in the beloved tratidion of the University, jumpining into the San Marcos river at Sewell Park after walking the stage. This tradition is celebrated by many, making the San Marcos River a very cherished aspect of the University.

Kate Smith, a senior at Texas State University feels that the environmental issues are very urgent for the city of San Marcos. 

“I practically live by the river, it is a safe space for me and I enjoy it thoroughly,” Smith said. “It makes me sad to see trash on the ground or trees being cut down left and right.”

The city is experiencing growing pains. According to the Energy and Environment Reporting for Texas, the rapid growth that the city is facing is causing enviormental harm. This affects a multitude of things, such as pushing out endaged species due to harmed environments or damaged nature due to student housing developments.

Texas State Tree Campus USA hosted an event where residents and students could come together to help plant trees in San Marcos. This helps with perserving the environment and creating sustainable habitats for the nature that lives in the city. This is one of the many ways that community members can give care to the home that they live in. 

James Holdridge, a fire fighter for the City of San Marcos, has begun to see an environmental strain in the last few years. 

“We are starting to see some of the effects of climate change in San Marcos,” Holdridge says. “One of those is wildfires, which rapidly damage nature and habitats for our animals.”

It is up to the residents of San Marcos to take steps in proecting the nature that surrounds the city. One of the most shared areas of nature in San Marcos is Sewell Park. Sewell Park is a part of Texas State University, and serves many students and members of the community as a place to come and enjoy the river as well as the surrounding nature. However, because of it’s popularity, it is easy for the park to sustain damages. 

According to the State Impact website, one of thee biggest impacts on the envirornmet in San Marcos is the constant development due to population growth. Building additional buildings and housing absolutelty affects the environment and its ability to flourish. These recent developments have casued major damages to the nature that residents enjoy, and if we keep going down this path there will be no more beaty left. Not to mention the ecosystems that are being affected. Every member of the wildlife that resides in San Marcos is vastly important to the operation and functionality of the city.

Population Growth in San Marcos:

Popular Walking Trails in San Marcos

KSAT news in San Marcos highlights that the disruption of wildlife and nature will negatively impact the city and the way that it runs on a daily basis, which is why it is so important to preserve the surrounding nature as much as we possibly can. 

More infornation and advocacy for the issues at hand pertaining to the environment in the city of San Marcos can be found on the City of San Marcos City Council Website. 

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