Adopt or Shop

By Nicole Wolf

Deciding to add a furry member to your family is a big decision. The two main options are adoption or buying from a breeder. I wanted to talk to people who have gone through each process to get a better understanding of each option.  

First, I interviewed Susan Wolf, a self-employed accountant and mother of three. She has gone through both processes and thinks there are pros and cons to each option. She liked adopting a puppy from a breeder so that the puppy would bond with her. She enjoyed adopting a grown dog from a shelter because she was able to give a dog in need a home.

I also interviewed Paige Spann, a graduate student at Texas State University. She adopted her dog, Piper, from a shelter in Houston when she was a puppy. Spann chose adoption because that is what she felt was right.

Society is split on whether adoption or buying from a breeder is the better option because each option has their own pros and cons. This blog does a good job of outlining some of the main pros and cons for each option.

Video shot and edited by Nicole Wolf.

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