Big Boom of new eateries coming to San Marcos

By: Soraya Herbert

The options you’ll have as you decide where to eat dinner, grab a cup of coffee and hang out with your friends and family is expanding, just like the population of city of San Marcos.

Two new places have come to San Marcos, Texas, and are taking the city by storm.

The Spot cinema eatery and social haus just opened their doors at their newest location off of Thorpe Lane, Suite 130 earlier this month.

While lumberjacks are moving in at Buzz Mill Coffee, a lumberjack-themed coffee shop, that expanded from its Austin-based home, and is located on 194 S. Guadalupe St.

The Spot is an entertainment center equipped with 10 screens with reserved seating, comfy recliners, wall-to-wall screens, state-of-the-art movie technology and food and beverage service at the push of a button.

“I just went to The spot this weekend to watch the free showing of Halloweentown,” said Sara Cuellar. “We had a great time! I love the environment of this theater because it gives off a mature vibe more than other theaters in town.”

Gather with friends for a pre- or post-movie adult beverage in the lobby’s full-service bar. Dine in the lobby or in the comfort of your theater seat and enjoy the taste of Texas cuisine with a twist from scratch in the kitchen. Preview their wide selection of items from the kitchen by clicking here, and view menu offerings including class eats such as popcorn, candy and Icees.

Over 27 million dollars was invested into this project and the Springtown center has already seen a dramatic increase in business with the opening of The Spot.

“I can’t think of a better place to put a movie theater than at Springtown center,” said William Thomas, 21, Texas State student. “Since the buses run until midnight here, it will be awesome for those who don’t want to drive to see a movie.”

After your meal and movie, you can hop over to Buzz Mill, which is open 24-hours a day, seven days a week and get a cup of coffee, beer or late night snack. This rustic, ax-slinging empire has given more options to San Marcos residents and Texas State student to get their coffee fix.

“I have never heard of Buzz Mill, but I went once and that’s all I needed to be in love,” said Victoria Garcia, 20, Austin Community College student . “From the people who work here to the overall aesthetic, I now have somewhere else I can read a book or study for finals.”

The 1,800-square-foot restaurant has patios in the front and back of the property that allow for a relaxing space for people eat and drink.

The menu highlights a variety of items including breakfast dishes, that feature game meats such as elk, boar and venison. Currently, produce including herbs, pecans, jalapenos, and lavender for food and drinks are grown on-site, at the Austin location and are delivered weekly to the San Marcos location.

“If you told me I would be eating elk for brunch, I would laugh at you, but surprisingly it is delicious,” said Garcia.

In an article from the San Marcos Community impact, Jason Sabala, owner of Buzz Mill stated that–
“We want to let the people know [we’re coming to town],” Sabala said. “We want to say, ‘This is us. We’re coming in, and we want to be part of this community. What do you want us to do? What are your concerns?’ Those are things we want to be really cognizant of and really make sure people know we’re there to be part of the community.”

Through their social media, Buzz Mill is creating a frenzy city-wide. Since its grand opening, there has been weekly events and specials alerting people of the things Buzz Mill as to offer.

This past Halloween weekend, they featured their homemade Strawberry Agave Tequila, $3 shots and $4 Margaritas all day. Every Wednesday, along with having happy hour from 5-8 p.m. with $1 PABST and $3 Drafts they will also host a comedy show called ‘Buzzkill comedy’ where amateurs can sign up to perform comedy skits and standups.

With all the new places to dine where will you go first?

The food coma doesn’t stop here, with 2017 right around the corner there are two more new restaurants that will be bringing a different type of cuisine

Vertskebap, a fast-casual Turkish restaurant will be opening Jan. 16. With a menu consisting of meat, such as beef, chicken, lamb or falafel, as well as vegetables and sauces on pita bread.

Crafthouse Urban Kitchen & Tap, a farm-to-table restaurant will open in mid March, featuring a full kitchen and bar with an oversized fireplace and a sidewalk café.


Buzzmill, a 24-hour eatery in San Marcos is empty inside on Halloween night. Photo by: Ashley Garcia
Cynthia Inglett, a sophomore at Texas State enjoyed a chai latte at Buzzmill while she studied for her philosophy class. Photo by: Ashley Garcia
San Marcos residents, Daniel Nelson and Connel Spell enjoyed burgers and beer at Buzzmill on Halloween night. Photo by: Ashley Garcia
Buzzmill, a lumberjack themed restaurant is creating a buzz in San Marcos. The restaurant serves food, alcohol and coffee. Photo by: Ashley Garcia
Aaron Taylor, a Buzzmill employee serves coffee, food or alcohol to employees on Halloween night. Photo by: Ashley Garcia
Cheers! Buzzmill is calling your name. Check out the new eatery today! Photo by: Ashley Garcia
A bowling ball rack along the wall at The Spot. Photo by: Amanda Forbes
The Spot employee Cole Landers bowls a strike. Photo by: Amanda Forbes
The outdoor entryway to The Spot invites movie-goers inside. Photo by: Amanda Forbes.
Raven Halstrom visits The Spot to play a board game. Photo by: Amanda Forbes
Attendees at The Spot enjoy a drink at the bar. Photo by: Amanda Forbes
The arcade at the spot features games such as ‘No Fear.’ Photo by: Amanda Forbes


Audio story by Renee Dominguez

Picture used by Ashley Garcia





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