Closing out the Year with the San Marcos Art Market

By Eric Ott

On Saturday, as I was rounding the corner into downtown, I was greeted by dozens of snowcaps scattered across the lawn of the courthouse. They weren’t snowcaps, really, but rather, tents. It then occurred to me it was Saturday, and somewhere in the back of my anti-social, introverted, “I don’t really do things outside of my apartment” brain, I remembered that ‘there’s like a flea market or something’ that I’ve been meaning to check out. Every time I’ve seen it, I’ve been working, so sadly I never had the time. This Saturday however, was different.

The vendors stocked everything from homemade cutting boards and custom-made-on-the-spot spinning tops to crystal necklaces and chakra stones to vibrant paintings and hand-spun pottery. It was a hipster paradise, accompanied by a charming live folk duo whose music provided the soundtrack for the slideshow!

Being my first Art Market, I feel obliged to review my experience. People were a bit apprehensive because I had a camera. Towards the end of the slideshow, you’ll see a photo of some marble necklaces. The woman working the stall was busy speaking with a customer, but once she had wished him a good day, she made her presence known with a simple yet effective, “please don’t take any more pictures.” I immediately apologized and told her I was only using the photos for an assignment and that I had no intention of using or copying her designs. She took only a moment of convincing and after assuring her I had no bad intentions, I moved to another area and respected her wishes.

Aside from that, all the others I interacted with were kind and interesting people who were very passionate about the things they had to sell. There were tons and tons of interesting things, everyone was nice and live music is always a plus! It’s a fantastic way to spend an afternoon or even just a few minutes; you’re almost guaranteed to find something that catches your eye.

Unique personalities and unique wares are what you can expect to see when the Art Market comes back in March 2017.

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