Covid’s effect on Texas State

By Allen Abudu

In the current world, there always seems to be a problem that we must face everyday. One of the biggest problems we face now is COVID-19, a worldwide pandemic that at this moment has been around for over a year and unfortunately, has no sign of ending anytime soon. It’s been affecting people all over the world and in the US alone, over 4 million people have died and over 700K have died according to the New York Times. But more so than anything, it affects the people down in our lovely university, Texas State, and it’s something that affects both students and faculty alike.

Down in Texas, according to Mayo Clinic, out of 28,000,000 people who live here, only 51% have actually been fully vaccinated. To something that is most definitely a problem, there are some people who still have an adverse reaction to the vaccine. For others, some are just not able to still acquire the vaccine to begin with. And unfortunately, near the San Antonio and San Marcos area, once again, according to the New York TImes, this zone has a very high chance of still contracting Covid to begin with. And at Texas State itself, there are students who have even contracted the disease even at the beginning of the semester still. It is most definitely not just a prominent problem, one we can still see, even in our day to day lives. So with all of this in mind, where does this leave us as we move forward with the virus? It leaves us to keep vigilant and mind our space as we continue into next year and even the years ahead. Although we may be ready for this virus to end, it definitely still has more to give and we don’t know when it will end. 

To a certain end, there are some people who we know that have been personally affected by our recent dilemma. I know one of these people myself, who is also a Texas State student himself, by the name of Jeffrey Hinds. Jeffrey knows the effect that covid has had on not only his school experience but also his personal life, his family, and many other plans he has had this year all go horribly off course. Things haven’t been the same for Jeffrey and unfortunately, it seems like it’s only going to get harder as new Covid strands make their mark this fall and next year as well.  From Jeffrey’s perspective, “I really hope that things can at least get to some sort of normalcy in the next year”, he says. “But the way things are looking now, I think it would be a miracle if we just make it out of next year okay”, he says. As someone who knows Jeffrey very well, I can sympathise with his plight. And as a fellow student, along with the virus and trying to hold a job and trying to finish my courses, it’s just another worry that piles up on the list of responsibilities that we have.

So it is likely that Covid has an end sometime in the future? Once again, unfortunately it only seems that we can slow the rate instead of it no longer being a problem. According to the study done by Penn State, it seems like the cases might start slowing down by March 2022 if things keep going the way they are now. But in terms of the end of Covid, we still got a ways to go unfortunately. There are still many hurdles to cross and some are much harder to clear but I think we are definitely through a huge patch of Covid already. Here’s hoping that we still have more to close out on so that hopefully something like Covid won’t happen again. And on the topic of school, hopefully Texas State can also find a relief of the pressure from covid as well. Many of the staff and teachers are struggling just as much as the students. So I think I can say for certain that everybody is in this together. Till then, all we can do is hope for the best and stay healthy. All we can really do at this point.

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