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Eating During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The outbreak of the coronavirus, all over the world, has greatly affected eating as a whole. Some are without food as a direct impact of being without work, others aren’t “eating out” at restaurants, meaning they aren’t dining inside a food establishment over a short period of time and there are those that are cooking at home.

I originally wanted to name my piece “Fooding During A Pandemic”. 

According to Urban Dictionary, “fooding” is: “”A process which includes, but not limited to, any of these actions:1. Finding something to eat.
2. Finding a place to eat.
3. Picking something to eat.
4. Picking a place to eat.
5. Preparing food
6. Ordering food.
7. Waiting for food
8. Eating the food
9. Cleaning up
10. Leaving the place”

For SEO purposes, I’ve settled with “Eating During the Coronavirus Pandemic”.

floor sign
A floor sign

Floor signs in a store separate shoppers from getting too close in proximity to each other while waiting in the checkout line. 

Store sign
A store sign reming customers of best practices while shopping

Grocery store chain posts signs to remind shoppers how to practice safe social distancing. Methods include keeping distance from other shoppers and employees, wearing face masks and shopping alone instead of groups.

Counting bills.

The local produce shop, who usually takes cash only, opts for credit card use amidst the pandemic. 

plate of lettuce wraps
A plate of dinner

A very rare home cooked meal. I cooked ground lamb and made lettuce wraps with it. I roasted some cashews, made emote I’d usually buy at the Houston  Livestock Show and Rodeo (canceled due to COVID-19) and some juicy maple syrup brussel sprouts.

Vegan Curry Ramen

For someone who eats out every night, I’ve learned to cook for myself while in quarantine. This is a vegan curry ramen I learned to make in the winter, but this time I made it according to the instructions and not free handing it like I would had I been in my usual day-to-day rush. Now, all I have is time. 

screenshot of Zoom call
Family meets over Zoom call for dinner and drinks

An aunt of mine organized a Friday night Zoom call for the women in our family, namely her nieces and close girl cousins. We drank and ate dinner together, talked about horrible blind dates and laughed until we cried…virtually.

ghost town
San Marcos, usually busy, streets are empty

All of the streets are empty and by the look of it, San Marcos has become a ghost town. The only movement on these streets, besides in the grocery checkout line and drive-thrus, has been traffic lights changing from green, to yellow, to red and back again. 

drive-thru sign
A drive-thru sign urges credit or app payment

Chick-Fil-A’s drive-thru signs encourage the same credit payments the local produce shop encouraged. Cash has been said to be a carrier of the virus and businesses are looking to reduce infection for both themselves and their customers.

door sign
No eating in the dining room

A sign notifying guests that there will be no eating inside of the dining room. This is the case for all eating places, everything has to be taken back to your home.

empty road
An empty roadway

Aquarena Springs Drive, which is normally bustling with evening traffic, is desolate. The only thing in the distance is the sunset, the only outdoor form of entertainment that can’t get you fined.

Eating has become a more sacred activity in my life. I usually skip meals, in fact, I still skip meals. It’s more important because I’m more aware of what I’m eating and more thankful that I can still eat at all. With my busy schedule I’d just eat anything that seemed healthy, regardless of it being from a fast food place or not, and now I can formulate recipes and cook wholesome meals for myself and (virtually) congregate with loved ones over it. This is something I’ve always held dear and being in quarantine has afforded me the time to do so.

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