How people are attending the gym during a worldwide pandemic

by Karen Valencia

These are changing times due to the pandemic that is currently happening. Many restaurants and shops have closed in Austin because of it including gyms. Virtually everyone was starting isolate themselves to stay safe and keep from spreading the virus around. 

Until recently many businesses have started opening up and allowing a certain amount of people to enter their facilities. This also includes gyms. 

As soon as gyms started opening up, people transitioned from them at home workouts to actually start going to the gym. 

Nick Lopez, an Austinite, is currently attending the gym daily despite the current situation. Lopez chooses to go to the gym instead of working out a t home for a couple of reasons; he said, “it’s mainly the drive I have when I go to the gym…I definitely feel more motivated when others are around and watching me.”

Since these places have started opening their doors to patrons and customers, they have also made sure that they are keeping with CDC guidelines to stop the spread of COVID-19.  These guidelines include washing one’s hands often, wearing a mask in public, and standing 6ft apart from one another.

“Everything is spaced out, but you can still get a good workout in” Lopez said. “I also have to wear a mask the whole time.”

Olibia Barrientos, a student at St. Edwards university, also chooses to exercise at a gym instead of at home or outdoors because it motivates her.

Despite the city and state officials advising people to stay in and avoid crowded areas people still tend to go out. The gyms tend to get crowded, Barrientos said. 

“Depends at what time, the earlier you go the less people you encounter” Barrientos said. “Between 4 P.M. and 6 P.M. are the busiest.”

During the first stages of the lockdown many people experienced life altering events. To many the shutting down of gyms messed up their regime, and other habits they had acquired. Getting back into them is difficult, but somehow people are making it work.

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