How to stay active and healthy during COVID-19

Corona virus (COVID-19) has caused many businesses to close, including gyms. The widespread closure has made it difficult for the community to stay active, forcing people to transform their daily routines. In turn, at-home workouts have become essential. The pandemic has caused a major shift in the way people are able to exercise. Without the usual complexes, equipment is not easily accessible.

Not being able to go to the gym can really demotivate you from reaching your goals. Although going to a gym is beneficial because of the equipment being provided, getting fit and stronger can also be achieved without lifting weights. There are many body weight exercises that can be performed outside of the gym. These exercises do not require equipment, just the will to get better and push yourself.

Cleo “Trey” Brooks, graduate from Texas State University, said he is focusing more time doing at-home workouts.

“With everything closed with the COVID-19 and everything, I’ve been doing a lot of at-home workouts and cardio. Whether that is outside at a park or outside my apartment complex. I have been doing some running, push-ups, things that I can control. It’s kind of crazy, because I’ve noticed myself becoming more consistent doing these workouts than I was before.”

Trey said that although these times are very scary, he has seen more positives to focus on like spending more time fishing and seeing his family.

Fred Morris, graduate from Texas State University, said he has been running more during these times and lifting at his former high school.

“What I’m doing active during the quarantine is mainly going on neighborhood runs on a daily basis and going to the local high school to run the track, usually starting with a warmup and doing sprint workouts, bleachers and core workouts. I’ve also been doing bodyweight squats, and anything that doesn’t require any equipment.”

Reece Reznicek, a senior at Texas State University, said he has been focusing on trying to maintain the muscle he is gained over the years.

“With corona virus closing all the gyms, it has been mentally and physically a challenge for me to keep up with my daily routine. I have had to become creative in my workouts to make sure that I am getting the most in my workouts. Since most of the weights were bought up at all the stores nearby, I had to get creative. I made my own weights with five-gallon jugs and play sand from Lowes. I’ve been using these jugs as weights to do many at-home workouts like goblet squats, rows and arm workouts.”

Reece is looking forward for the gyms to open as he is not quite satisfied with his custom weights that he has created.

My go-to workouts outside of the gym are push-ups, sprints and at home ab exercise. Push-ups are a great workout for building a more defined chest. There are many different forms that can be done to target your arms and chest. Doing a variation of wide, pyramid and normal push-ups will work out your chest and triceps. Even your biceps and shoulders are being worked out in this exercise.

Sprints are another great workout that can be done anywhere at any time. Sprints are great because you do not need to do a lot to get the benefit. I tend to do about eight to ten sprints at my own rate. You want to constantly push yourself. Even if you find timing yourself helps motivate you to go faster. Sprints are great for lean muscle gains. If you notice collegiate sprinters, they are very muscular and lean.

When it comes to workout out your abs, there are many different exercises that work. I like to do a combination of crunches, leg lifts and planks. I like to do them in a series to increase the difficulty. When it comes to doing abs, the mind-muscle connection is very important. You do not want to focus on the reps, rather just focus on feeling your muscles contracting. I would recommend doing these workouts because they do not require equipment and they are easily accessible.

With all this information it is important to also remember that rest and mental health is equally as important to keep up with during these times.

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