No one likes Spring more than Texas Tulips

Their story begins almost 40 years in Holland (otherwise known as The Netherlands), when couple Piet and Afra Koeman, equipped with only a spade and a handful of onion seeds, started a horticultural farm. Later after adding several flowers, and of course tulips, they knew just what their passion was. Fast forward to 2011, when Piet Koeman passed away at age 69, son Pieter and his wife Petra knew they wanted to change course. After visiting Texas several times and ultimately falling in love, they finally decided to bring a piece of their homeland to U.S. soil. Pieter Koeman not only loves the Texas culture, but enjoys that “after traveling for several hours here, you’re still in Texas, while at home in The Netherlands, you’re out of the country after two hours”. Jake Lundy was so happy to be able to bring his girlfriend to the fields as “she had been wanting to pick the tulips here for months”.

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