Odphi Easter Festival

The Easter Festival took place on April 16, 2017. This event is hosted by Omega Delta Phi ever year, and this year was the 15th year. This festival provides free food, free activities, and free prizes to anyone in the San Marcos community. Many volunteers consist of students from organizations at Texas State University.

Roy and Steven pose for the camera and requested a photo after they finished their egg hunt.
These girls team up to and share all the eggs they find.
Sean, Texas State sophomore, sets up for the event in the morning and drinks a Pepsi to get a caffeine boost.
New members check in the 400 people in attendance.
Emily is a San Marcos local that was brought by her family to enjoy Easter. She finds candy and is amused.
The water balloon toss gets initiated.
A volunteer gets splashed with a water balloon toss.
Volunteer getting kids ready to start their sack race.
Jacob Sanchez, Texas State Senior, enjoys being in greek life when he gets to see the positive impact he has on the community.
Shelby is wandering alone trying to find some fun at the festival.


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