PAWS & PIÑATAS was an event put on by Texas State’s Fashion Merchandise Association and San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter on Sunday, April 30 2017, to help dogs get adopted and raise money for the shelter.
The fliers didn’t lie as I noticed this colorful little piñata hanging from two trees. I named him Eduardo, I liked Eduardo.
The decorations really screamed PIÑATAS and really helped the event have the latin feel.
This Husky pup, Trigger, was giving me serious looks the whole event. She really wanted her picture taken and I couldn’t blame her, just look at that face!!
The event was far from boring with face paintings and Spanish music playing.
If people didn’t have cash to donate to the cause or buy something, PAWS & PIÑATAS made it extremely simple to do so.
The event had doggy treats and human treats made from scratch. All of the proceeds went to the FMA and the animal shelter.
The decorations did justice and so did the paw print themed sweets that were for sale. The heat made my cookie melt a bit, but it was still delicious!
The event also had three Kombucha flavors to taste if anyone was feeling a bit parched. Which was a nice touch, with the beautiful San Marcos 90 degree weather.
Mocha was so tired by the end of the event, she wanted a little rest. She was adopted before the event ended and that was no surprise. This little lady was so sweet.
Maria Martinez and her friend Julie Garza utilized the photo station, as they dressed up and used the props to get their pictures taken.
Just look at that face!! Jax was so happy to finally have a furever home to call his own, his face showed it all day!
Jax was the talk of the town, as his personality drew people over to him constantly. Jax was adopted at the very beginning of the event because COME ON DUH.
Jax was being sassy with everyone that was obsessed with him, which were a lot of people.
Jax was being so sweet with Jessica Bonnet as she held him and gave him the love and attention that he’s craved before this event.
Volunteers from the Animal Shelter hung around to make sure the dogs were rightfully handled and adopted and to also answer questions.
Fluff kept posing for the camera as she noticed me taking candids of her. This one was definitely my favorite because LOOK AT THAT LITTLE LEG. I DIE.
These colorful banners hung from different areas of San Marcos’s Plaza Park, to add just a little touch of color to the event.
Texas State’s Fashion Merchandising Association made it easy to direct questions to them as they represented their association with their official shirts.
Mocha was getting pets all day! Everyone loved the pit baby so much, she got adopted!
Sasha Bear was brought to the event by her mom and she was tuckered out from excitement by the end of it.
Jake was trying to convince him mom to take this fur baby, Chuy, home. Chuy sat calmly as Jake gave him kisses over and over.



Rebecca Jolt (left) and Macy Johnson (Right) attempted to take a “family selfie” with their newly adopted pup Lacy!


Video by Maria Martinez



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