Runway Fashion Show in Austin, TX Features New and Emerging Designers For A Night of Drag, Music, and Couture

Written and Photographed by Elizabeth Perryman

High Fashion Halloween, produced by Jackson Montgomery of Austin, Texas featured a night of local designers showcasing couture pieces, a mini drag show, a musical perforce by Ladi Earth, and the inevitable dance party that this kind of event brings.

The designers were the stars of the night. Backstage was a mad house of hair, makeup, clothing, snacks, dance parties, laughing, and drinking. Being behind the scenes, the green room hosted the true party. Models and designers were having the time of their lives getting ready for the cat walk. The energy of the venue was pure and full of excitement for what the night was to bring.

The designers, models, event organizers, patrons, and performers are all members and allies of the LGBTQIA+ community. This event was able to foster a place of inclusivity and freedom, if only for the night.

Featured here are my behind the scenes (BTS) shots from the green room.

Here is my live tweeting from the event! Follow the link at the bottom to see them all!

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