San Marcos Continues to be a hotbed for music, for musicians and fans alike

By: Levi Lopez

SAN MARCOS-  This small college town continues to bring unestablished artists to light, Local musicians are household names but they are still diamonds in the rough waiting to be found.

Artists like Thomas Babiak have found themselves making a name for himself in the local music scene.  On the other side students and music fans like Landon Simon and Shelby Parrish are enjoying the music culture and atmosphere here in San Marcos.

Thomas Babiak is a student at Texas State University . Originally from Dripping Springs Texas, Babiak has always loved music and knew that he wanted to be able to entertain.

When asked how he would like himself and his music to be remembered he explained he wanted to be known as someone who helped bring joy to peoples life.

‘“I want to be remembered as someone who helped, and someone who brought joy to people’s lives. I want people to remember me as someone who cared, and who worked hard to make dreams come true.”

Babiak was asked why San Marcos was such a great spot for young musicians to get their start

Babiak has begun playing shows around the San Marcos forming a band and going to events like the opening of the oak hill social.  Babiak explained that his band is the most meaningful thing that has happened in his life

“ Having a team of people that believes in this process is extremely meaningful to me. Coming from where I started this music journey to where I am now is a long way”

Shoot With depth, medium shot, Thomas is in full focus, the background scenery is less prominent  (Photo Cred: Levi Lopez)

Thomas Babiak was chosen to perform at the grand opening of the Oak Hill Social. The Social was also celebrating St. Patrick’s Day signified by the emerald lights.

I had to work the room to get this wide shot by getting down on a knee to capture this upward-aimed shot. (Photo Cred: Levi Lopez)

Late into the night Babiak and the band played for the attendees. Despite being moved to a smaller section due to the rain the show must go on.

Using the rule of thirds I was able to get this medium shot of Babiak as he serenades the audience.

 Thomas belts out the notes to the crowd as the rain continues to come down. The band plays his supporting notes.

 Capturing the moment in this tight shot. Captures Babiak in between songs. (Photo Cred: Levi Lopez)

Babiak played for 3 hours with a lengthy setlist. He engages with the crowd as he transfers to the next song.

Working with light as was able to capture this wide shot of the band mid-performance  (photo cred: Levi Lopez)

As they play the night away Babiak engages with the crowd. The energy from the band and the audience made for an entertaining show.

Thise wide shot was used to capture the moment of Thomas Babiak and his band playing one final song to bid adieus to the audience. ( Photo Cred: Levi Lopez)

The final song of what was a great set to help open the Oak Hill Social.

This wide shot was shot with depth bringing the main focus to Babiak on stage. ( Photo Cred: Levi Lopez)

Babiak performs at another outside venue earlier this spring with friend and fellow song writer Vaughn Seagers, Venues like these have become more popular especially as we head into the summer months.

This wide shot captures a moment of Babiak deep in song showing his emotions on his face. ( Photo Cred: Levi Lopez)

Babiak writes his songs based on his life experiences, from heartbreak to family stories , Babiak ensures to bring out emotion.

This wide work the room shot was taken by being much farther than the audience to capture the engagement. ( Photo Cred: Levi Lopez)

Thomas Babiak and Vaughn Seagers jam together at a outside venue enjoying the crowd and the beautiful weather

Babiak credits the music history of San Marcos, paying respect to venues like Gruene Hall and Cheatham street.  

“ I think San Marcos is like a perfect place to get started musically it’s I mean it’s about 30 minutes from Austin and 20 minutes from New Braunfels and if you know anything about New Braunfels, it’s the home of Grueme Hall we are very own alumni George Strait got a start and on top of that whenever you’re in San Marcus, it’s also home to  Cheetham  Street where the Randy Rogers Band got their start they also currently own it “

This work the room shot was used to capture the back sign of Cheatham Street Warehouse. (Photo Cred: Levi Lopez)

Cheatham Street is one of the more popular small venues in San Marcos, It is where the Randy Rogers band got its start.

San Marcos has an extensive music history with ties to ACL , and local events that are held year round.

With this comes historic venues and venues that are utilized to entertain students and residents alike.

Landon Simon is an avid music fan and a San Marcos native. As student Simon loves music. He is especially proud to be from San Marcos because he believes with the history and culture that San Marcos is the place to be if you enjoy music.

Simon said that he particularly enjoys buying records

“ I often go record shopping whether it be at target or a record store. I think it is fascinating that something that was thought to be a thing of the past is becoming relevant again to the new generations”

Simon said that he particularly enjoys buying records and attending festivals like sights and sounds with his family and friends

He also believes that concerts and festivals are great ways to spend time with family and friends.

” Me and my parents have simlar taste in music so we like to go out to concerts together when we can. We also enjoy festivals , me and my friends go out to sights and sounds every year to celebrate the holidays”

Students like Shelby Parrish also enjoy festivals and believes that they are great events to help students have fun and get away from the stress of college. She discussed her recent attendance at river fest.

” I think river fest was a great idea. It had a good turn out and for the most part everyone I saw was enjoying themselves, It was a great stress relief with finals coming up and to help kick off the summer”

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