SXSW ’19 Concerts and Night life Explored

Story by Steven Richardson

SXSW music festival has become a staple in the Austin community attracting and giving thousands of talented people a chance to showcase their talent, network and even get discovered. 

The festival has many different bands and artists that perform in downtown Austin, which is a great opportunity to get audio to get a feel for the atmosphere and the people that attended the shows.

Many different artists of various genres from all over the world attended the festival. SXSW and other sub festivals bring in showcasing artists from over 60 countries that are represented amongst the 2000+ official performers.  

With there being a massive amount of people flocking to Austin for the festival there is opportunity for not only musicians, but bar owners to make a lot of money.

Manager of “Jackalope”, Myca Gardner, who has worked at the bar for six years spoke about the the money, exposure and people SXSW can bring.

Gardner said, “I honestly can’t even tell you how much the festival increases business for us. The number is around 60-70% compared to a regular Friday or Saturday”

She goes on to say, “I’ve seen the good the bad and the ugly that comes along with SXSW” After being asked about people that come to the festival.

When asked what she meant by the comment she said, “Yes the festival brings a lot of fun people and success to the bar, but some people just don’t know how to act”

Moments later, a shooting a few bars away in front of “Blindpig” occured. Details of the of shooting were covered by Deadline.

Audio by Raegan Babb

Raegan Babb records concert and people attending SXSW ’19

Photos by Steven Richardson

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