The Impact of Gun Violence on University Campus

SAN MARCOS–Never before as a society has the human species been so off track from where we are supposed to be. Relationships have never been so weak, families have never been so broken, the youth has never been so lost, mental health has never before spiraled so far out of control and it is all being done in front of all of our eyes and in our campuses.

Students across the nation have seen the effects of gun violence on campus. Whether in be their own university, one nearby or in a different state, students of all ages are now having to deal with the repercussions of others actions now in their own classroom. Many things have changed in the way schools and levels of higher education are ran to help ensure a safe learning environment. While university employees as well as law enforcement are trying their best to ensure the safety of all on campus, the unthinkable still seems to happen. Let’s take a look into how students feel about recent gun laws allowing students to carry while on campus and the amount of security on our own college campus, Texas State University.

Audio interviews with two Texas State Students

As we have come to know, we are no stranger to gun violence on university campuses, as this has been occurring for over the past 100 years. It has most defiantly become more prevalent as mental health has received more attention and gun laws have appeared to become not as intense. Lieutenant Taylor, Texas State employee, disagrees with students being able to carry on campus. “I’m not really a huge fan,” Taylor said. “I understand it makes some feel more comfortable to have that protection but even the thought of it can be paralyzing for others.”

Could by allowing students to carry on campus help prevent or at least put an earlier stop to an act of violence including a gun? Many would claim that it is a continuation of the second amendment which gurantees the right to carry a firearm, 37 states to be exact just since 2015. Everytown claims “research shows that policies that force colleges to allow guns on campuses are likely to lead to more shootings, homicides, and suicides, and that they’re unlikely to prevent mass shootings on campus.”

As speculation is unfair to the innocent lives that have been lost, would these laws allowing firearms before the legislative pass in 2015 prevent shootings before it’s time you may ask. As the trend of shootings continues in an upward trajectory, is there a true correlation between carrying or not?

Students and parents alike have and will continue to have major concern over the safety of their children and themselves. This world does not appear to be as safe as it once was and hopefully one day soon change for a different trajectory. Until then students, staff and parents alike will hope and try to make change so students and staff are safe within our classrooms.

As of August 1, 2016 the students of Texas State University who hold a valid license to carry a handgun are allowed to carry a concealed handgun while on campus and other locations that are associated with public institutions of higher education. While there are valid opinions on each stance of the argument, only one thing can be known for sure. Senseless gun violence needs to end with us.

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