The Zoom Classroom

In Spring 2020, thousands of U.S students began learning through computers at home. Various resources such as Zoom made this possible, but also more complicated. Here, a compilation of the pros and cons brought about in the Zoom classroom.

A Catalog

A Variety of Search Results

  1. A series of terms which have spiked in number of searches over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. Internet speed by state, ranked best to worst, left to right. Data provided as of 2018 by BroadbandNow.

3. The above information in a more direct format, with faster internet speeds being darker.

Interview of IT Support and Parent

Though I was unable to use Adobe Audition on account of trouble with the family PC, I was able to produce this AudioStudio on my Chromebook. Horrific experience, but it worked.

An interview with university students on how online learning is working for them.

PowerDirector is fun, and it’s definitely capable of churning out high quality news stories, but it’s just difficult to get a hold on. There’s some finicky things, such as not having more than one track. The B-Roll isn’t on another video track. I edited it in as a layer on top of the only video track there. Kinda weird, and it ended up really zoomed in, but other than that the only regret I have is not having microwave noises to play over Emily when she talks about it.

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