Thesis Art Projects In Progress at Texas State

Monica Bugh is a studio art student at Texas State. Her thesis piece is a series of architecturally inspired ceramic works that take influence from South Italy. Monica’s family is from South Italy, so these pieces help her connect with her ancestry.
Pictured above is the back side of the ceramic sculpture. This side of the piece really shows how much work is put into the clay to shape it into Monica’s vision.
This side reveals a stone block that has been shaped out of the extra clay on the side. Once this piece is completed, it will be glazed, finished, and fired in the kiln.
This finished ceramic piece shows what the finished product might look like. While it looks like metal, the entire sculpture is ceramic.
Monica uses an iron wash on the ceramic to give it an iron finish. The illusion of rust gives the art a rustic feeling.
Here’s a back view of both completed pieces next to each other. Its hard to believe these were once shapeless hunks of clay!
Clayton Caulson is another ceramics students working on his exit piece. His piece highlights financial corruption and how money causes strife in society. He’s hand crafted these stacks of cash out of clay.
In another part of the art building, Josselin works on her exit piece. She is pursuing a degree in studio art with a concentration in metals.
Josselin has used her skills she’s learned here in the metals studio in her professional career as well. She works as an artist’s assistant at Canopy in Austin, Texas. 
Her experience as a jeweler is reflected in her exit piece. Her artwork is wearable as a bracelet.

All pieces featured in this photo series will be on display at the TXST galleries on the second floor of Joan Cole Mitte at the end of the spring 2023 semester. 

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