Transgender and Nonbinary Students Campus Presence

Non-Binary artist Shelby Criswell sells their art at the Texas State Zine Fest. They make art inspired by queer experiences. (Photo Credit: SK Guillory).
Texas State Art Student, who goes by the name PissKink, sells their zines, Posters, and CD of their latest album. In the large jar they are taking funds to raise money for bottom surgery. (Photo Credit: SK Guillory).
Artist Grace Perkins sits at their booth selling comics with queer characters and storylines. (Photo Credit: SK Guillory).
Some of Grace Perkins comics and arts depicting queer intimacy through comics. (Photo Credit: SK Guillory).
A Texas State student walks around the JMC gallery looking at this exhibit. This exhibit was done by a Texas State student depicting queer relationships. (Photo Credit: SK Guillory).
This student looks at photographs done by Stone. (Photo Credit: SK Guillory).
Here are some of the photographs presented at Stone’s exhibit. (Photo Credit: SK Guillory).
A book of poems written by Stone to accompany the exhibit titled “In the Roots of the Willow Tree”. (Photo Credit: SK Guillory
A Texas State student reading “In the Roots of the Willow Tree.”This student is reading the introduction page. (Photo Credit: SK Guillory).
Student reading the poetry book included in Stone’s exhibit. (Photo Credit: SK Guillory).

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