Unicycle Football Stupor Bowl

Photos by Lesly De Leon

On a warm Sunday afternoon, the Los Bierdos defeated the Gnarwhals in the 13th annual Unicycle Football Stuporbowl.

A dog runs into the field in the midddle of the game as the crowd watches on in amusement.
San Marcos residents came out to watch the 13th annual Stuporbowl on a warm Sunday afternoon.
During halftime, the Unibrawds entertained the crowd with a performance.
Unibrawd Kaetlynn Youngwalker dances in the Disco-themed halftime performance.
A Gnarwhals player is tackled by a Los Bierdos player, almost causing him to lose his balance.
A Gnarwhals player is tackled by a Los Bierdos player.
A Gnarwhals player prepares to tackle a Los Bierdos player who has the ball.
Narwhals player Slow Poke approaches the end zone right before scoring a touch down.
Los Bierdos player Fuzzy attempts to pass the ball to a teammate.
Holding the ball, Los Bierdos player Fuzzy quickly discusses strategy with his teammate before a play.
Surrounded by other players, Gnarwhals player Thunder Bear holds the ball before the play.
Los Bierdos player Rubberband Man loses his balance.

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