What to Prepare For when deciding to get One of the COVID-19 Vaccines

The COVID-19 vaccination has recently become available to anybody 16 and older. If you are planning to receive the vaccine, the three that are widely used in the United States are Pfizer, Moderna, And Johnson and Johnson Janssen. Some of the population is hesitant to get the vaccine because of its new nature and reports of side effects.

On the other hand, there is excitement with the people who have received their vaccinations. People who have been cooped up in their homes over the past year are eager to enjoy bars, restaurants, travelling, and just being with family again. Some places are already opening at 100 percent capacity because of the vaccinations being available. The bars in San Marcos around the square don’t even require masks or social distancing anymore.

Texas State senior Crystal Cano said that she wasn’t hesitant at all to get the vaccine not only because she is a person that is in favor of vaccines in general, but she was also eager because she wanted to protect the people around her. She is also graduating this spring and is excited to be able to take a graduation trip now that she is vaccinated.

Side effects

Is there a chance that a vaccine recipient will have side effects? yes there is a chance. Researching each vaccine may help calm certain nerves a person has before deciding if they want to get the vaccine. “I Google each vaccine before I went with Moderna, I didn’t want to go in blindly with something that will be put into my body,” vaccine recipient Andre Rogers said.

The three vaccines have been reported by the CDC to come with some mild side effects for a few days after the injection, with the second doses of Pfizer and Moderna causing more intense side effects. The CDC explains that these side effects are a normal indicator that the body is building protection, but they may cause a person to have a hard time completing daily activities they are used to. Some people report to not have experienced any side effects at all.

Rogers said that he slept a lot and felt fatigued the day after the first dose, but his symptoms escalated with his second dose which caused a slight fever and chills over the course of two days. His job allotted him three excused days off post vaccine.

“It isn’t the needle that is going to hurt you when you get the Janssen COVID-19 shot, it is the burning sensation felt when the vaccine is injected,” Walmart pharmacist Zoey Price said. “When I got mine I was prepared because I was made aware through administering the vaccine and research, but I will still say it was a super uncomfortable sensation.”

Price said that she was unable to do much after she received the Janssen shot because she had a high fever and felt extremely weak. She said the reason for her extreme side effects may be because she decided to work the rest of her shift although she was having symptoms. When she took the next day off of work to rest her body she said her symptoms were gone within 24 hours.


There are many places in the central Texas area that are giving out vaccines, most still requiring appointments. Walmart pharmacist Zoey Price describes that when the vaccine became available to all adults over the age of 16 on March 26, 2021, every available appointment slot was taken everyday for a week.

Now that it has been over a month since the opening of the vaccine to all adults, Price says there are a lot more slots open for people to schedule appointments.

If people don’t want to wait for available appointments or don’t have access to smartphones or a laptop to schedule them, there are places and events that will allow walk-ins, no appointments or call-aheads required. There could be lines at these type of vaccination events, which people should prepare for. 

 Although vaccines are steadily being administered there are CDC guidelines that advise those who are vaccinated to still follow social distancing protocols and wear a mask in crowds. There are still thousands of active COVID-19 cases in the United States.

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