Exercise Gives Students an Outlet to De-stress From School

By Jonathon Salazar

SAN MARCOS — Students often find themselves dealing with crazy amounts of stress throughout the school year. There are many ways that people deal with this. Some will meditate, watch their favorite tv show or even go out and buy their favorite snacks. For a lot of students, the gym is an outlet. A gateway to be able to forget about all the weight that comes with classes and focus on the weight that benefits mental and physical health.

Rick Ramirez, a student at Texas State says that working out is the number one way to take his mind off school. “Everyone knows that working out takes away a lot of problems, or at least takes your mind off them,” said Ramirez. “For me, I’m able to forget about all the outside noise, the stress from exams and projects, and I’m able to concentrate on the weight and the weight only.” Ramirez says that he approaches exercising the same way he does his studies. “You take time studying in advance in hopes you’ll do well on an exam. I think the same way when it comes to lifting,” said Ramirez. “Everyday I lift with the hopes that my health improves both mentally and physically.”

Photos by Jonathon Salazar

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