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San Marcos skaters kick and push for an inclusive culture

They may not be the most visible group compared to river-goers and students, but San Marcos has a tight-knit skate scene. Described as familial, accepting and supportive, San Marcos’ only skate park is a hub to skaters across the town.

Andy Vasquez scopes out a place to drop into the bowl.
Taking a risk by grinding on the tall end of the bowl, Andy Vasquez is committed the trick.
Just as the sun sets, Andy Vasquez is teaching his son Isiah how to skate.
A skater takes a rest after spending hours sharpening his kickflip.
Planting the board firmly on the rim of the park’s largest bowl, a young skater is looking to prove himself to the older crowd.
The only skate park in San Marcos was created years ago with some resistance but was ultimately a win-win for both lovers and haters of skating.
Frustrated, a skater takes a long walk to retrieve his board following a failed run in the bowl.
Truck tension is key to the comfort of every skater.
A mom of one, Christina Espinoza uses roller skating as a break from parenting and is passionate about representation in skating.
Cody Hobbs said he opened Texas Skate because when he was a student, there was nowhere to buy skate gear. Since then, the skate shop has been a staple to San Marcos’ skate scene.

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