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LGBTQIA Texas State University

Being Nonbinary at Texas State University

Definition of nonbinary

c: relating to or being a person who identifies with or expresses a gender identity that is neither entirely male nor entirely female


Nonbinary is an umbrella term for anyone who doesn’t consider themselves fully male or fully female. It means someone doesn’t fit neatly into a binary gender, but what that means exactly varies wildly from person to person.

Take a listen to the first episode of EnbyCast, a podcast about being nonbinary by four nonbinary people. Join us as we discuss school, experiences, and work.

Take a listen to a quick audio story about gender neutral bathrooms at Texas State.

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Zachary Verd, they/them

“I don’t care about my gender so neither should anyone else”

Zachary Verd
A person in a wide brimmed hat smiling
Jorrie Watkins, they/them

“Trying to change my presentation to match my gender has been hard simply because I don’t feel like I have any connection to a single definitive gender. I use they/them pronouns, I dress as androgynous as I can, and try to present as eccentric as I can just because I’m not sure which direction to even aim for.”

Jorrie Watkins
Cameron Farmer-Hornbuckle, they/them, he/him

“They never advertise gender-neutral restrooms as gender neutral. It’s always just “Family Bathroom.” I guess I identify as a family now.”

Cameron Farmer-Hornbuckle
Isaac Segura, they/them

“I know I look masculine, but that means nothing! I am a genderless muscle!”

Isaac Segura
Nick Nickerson, they/them

“Sometimes I wonder whether it would be easier to just come out as a trans man and use him/him than use they/them and identify as nonbinary”

Nick Nickerson
Jay Prather, they/them

“I probably won’t come out wherever I work, it changes how people view you, plus you can still get fired for that sort of thing.”

Jay Prather
Derek Miller, they/them

“If somebody misgenders me I’m usually just like “aha” and I walk away. It’s not like I’m going to change your perspective on those things in this time. The best I can do is just introduce myself and be adamantly myself.”

Derek Miller
Magan Wan, they/them

“I just want to be myself, even if its not what other people expect of me.”

-Magan Wan

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