Local Ball Players Have Had To Adapt To A New Pandemic Lifestyle

By Chris Hurt

Covid-19 has led to lifestyle changes for people across the globe. A demographic that has been directly affected is the basketball community of San Marcos, TX. 

The basketball community lifestyle changes are minimal in comparison to the serious issues that the pandemic has caused communities. However, the basketball community of San Marcos, TX, is a large community whose adaptations have also been major. The main source of basketball for most of these players in the area is the Texas State University rec center. This center includes six full length basketball courts that can occupy hundreds of players. Due to the pandemic restrictions, the courts have been closed since late February.

Social distancing protocols are obvious adversaries to the game of basketball. This is because basketball is a contact sport that includes a lot of close contact and several bodies interacting in a small space. This community is loyal to the game that they love and cannot simply go without playing on a regular basis. Many players would attend these courts every day for hours a day, and with the courts closed they have had to adapt and find other ways of getting in sessions. 

The outdoor, public courts of San Marcos, TX, have never been livelier than in the past months of the pandemic. With the main rec center courts closed, outdoor courts have become the primary replacement. Whether it be apartment complex courts, fire station courts or public parks, these courts have come to life due to the pandemic and seem to be the permanent new option for players in the area. From personally visiting these courts, the morale is still high and players don’t seem too upset about the transition from the rec center, however, the courts are the center eventually being able to hold basketball sessions again is still the main goal of local players.

Visual Story: https://youtu.be/BGHJ-sHapCw

Audio Story: https://youtu.be/kOra1jU9RUI

Photo Gallery:

Brandon Coll ( Yellow) Pulls up for jumpshot
Copper Beech residents playing outside complex court.
Brandon Coll (yellow) going for a tough layup.
Local Austin ball players take part in full court runs.
Ball players from around the region gather to shoot around Austin rec.
Brandon Coll (red) shooting a deep range shot.
Two friends match up one on one at Austin rec.
Free shooting and half court play at Austin rec.

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