Alone in Quarantine

by Jorge Vargas

Since the pandemic occurred, many safety regulations have been set in place to keep residents of San Marcos safe. This means practicing self-distancing and only going out for necessary things outside.

This hasn’t been easy for one of Texas State’s students, Ashley Garza, majoring in English. Ashley lives with three other roommates but is currently living by herself, as her roommates have gone back to their hometowns since quarantine started.

I spent a few days with Ashley to see what it’s like to live alone in these trying times. We went to H-E-B together so she could buy groceries and see the changes that have come to be because of COVID-19. Her roommates were kind enough to give her their groceries that they bought, since they wouldn’t be coming back anytime soon.

Ashley describes herself as a “homebody”, being at the apartment all the time doesn’t bother her but it’s being alone that has proven to be difficult for her to cope with. She does have the company of her dog, Coco, and she also FaceTimes her friends every other day. Paintings, reading books and watching movies is Ashley’s way to save herself from getting cabin fever.

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