Cape’s Dam is crumbling

By: Cody McElroy

Cape’s Dam, located in Stoke’s Park in San Marcos, Texas stands extremely
damaged after last seasons flooding. The dam is 150 years old and was deemed unsafe for recreation. The debate over whether to remove the dam or not has been strung out since the damage and hasn’t reached a solid conclusion. The dam already poses safety risks to the environment but the city wants to use tax dollars to restore it. This restoration would cost thousands of dollars. Many local biologists and outdoors enthusiasts believe that removing the dam would bring about the most benefit for everyone.

The dam stands damaged and the city still hasn’t done anything about it. The dam should definitely be removed. This is a list of endangered species that are at risk of elimination. Humans have a natural instinct to hold on to pieces of nostalgia, but how could one choose to preserve the past when the future is at stake?

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