Essential workers during coronavirus outbreak

By: Wendy Aviles

In light of the coronavirus outbreak, many dine in restaurants & some stores across the states have closed. Chick-fil-a in San Marcos has remained open, along with other drive thru restaurants, allowing some college students to keep their jobs.

Texas State student Andrew Vineski on the job

Student Andrew Vineski stated, “I am still being scheduled twenty hours a week and I walk here, so it’s convenient.” Many students have lost their jobs and have moved back home as classes have shifted online. 

Chick-fil-a worker hands out food
minimal person to person contact

Those that have stayed behind are trying to adjust to their empty campuses and housing. This is truly a historical moment we are living in. Although news of the virus that originated in Wuhan, China circulated worldwide, it still felt unexpected when it hit our local towns.

Many businesses have closed and only those deemed essential remain open. As we try to navigate what is and is not considered an essential business, the number of cases and deaths continue to rise.

Many open drive-thru restaurants are still navigating how to protect their employees during this outbreak as they serve those working on the front lines.

Chick-fil-a employee ringing up an order
Starbucks employee handing out drink
social distancing signs are more common like the one here at a target
Curbside & delivery is the new norm during this pandemic

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