Construction at Texas State

By Samuel Groff 


Texas State has many different construction projects during the year. 

Some of the construction is on campus while another construction is on campus. 

Some of the construction that Texas State has had during the year are The Anthropology Laboratory, the Pecan Building, Live Oak Hall, the Information Research Laboratory (STAR Park), and the Steam and Sewer line project. 

“Anthropology is of course being built out on Ranch Road 12 and it is offices for the anthropology department,” said Facilities Planning Design Construction Director Gordan Bohmfalk. “It is complete infect they may be moving in, there looking for a date to move into that building.” 

The new Anthropology Building for Texas state will be for offices for the Anthropology department. 

Before the new anthropology building was built the anthropology department was located at Evans Liberal Arts building on campus. 

“The UPD University Police Department or the Pecan building, so the police department is moving out of Nueces building and UPD is at what we call substantial completion,” said Bohmfalk. They are starting to finish all the punchline items, UPD will be moving out of Nueces and into that building very soon.” 

The Pecan Building is located right next to Speck Street Garage at the intersection of West Holland and Academy St. 

“We have a campus master plan and where the police department is located there was actually supposed to be a parking garage there someday, but we don’t have the funding for it,” said Associate Vice President for Finance and Support Services Planning Nancy Nusbaum.   

Since the police department is moving out of the Nueces building, the Nueces building is going to be used for the testing center. 

“We were where trying to get the University Police Department out of the center of campus so that space can be used for the testing center,” said Nusbaum. 

The FSS planning chose to put the police department there because the police department still has a good response time to emergencies, and they don’t have to cross the river or the railroad. 

“Film and TV we started a few months ago and it is what we call it the Live Oak building or Live Oak Hall is under construction and the anticipated completion date is June 2022, so we will go through all of spring semester to finish it” said Bohmfalk. 

The live oak hall is going to be located next to the Physical Plant and across the street from Aqua Sports Center.

“The Film and Television Studios we were actually supposed to put it where the Aqua Sports Center is but years and years of having chlorine in that pool impacted the steel in that structure” said Nusbaum. It wasn’t cost feasible to keep it there, so we were looking for something that was close to theater and journalism,” said Nusbaum 

Nusbaum said that the theater and journalism department are going to be using the studio. 

Construction workers working on the roof of the Live Oak Hall Nov. 17, 2021. 

The Anthology building, Pecan Building, and the Live Oak Hall are the major constructions at Texas State. The Information Research Laboratory (STAR Park) and the Steam and Sewer line aren’t considered major constructions like the other once. 

 “The Information Research Laboratory is located at Star Park, it is a research lab, so they do materials testing and things like that,” said Bohmfalk. The concrete pour on it is particularly something that’s not done on many buildings and it’s because of course it has to with stand loads in order to test materials and brake materials.  

Bohmfalk says that they expect the construction on the information research laboratory to be done by September 2022.  

The Steam and Sewer line construction started in June 2021 and ended in November 2021. 

It was located on the quad between flowers hall and Comal Building.  

This construction was the only construction that affected people on campus. 

“What I thought about the construction was that it was kind of an annoyance and deferred kids from getting to class because it kind of came out of nowhere,” said Digital Media Innovation student Steven Phipps. 

Phipps also says that the construction that happened on the quad affected him every day when trying to get to class. 

“Every single day I went to class because they were always working on a different part and sometimes a complete part of bobcat trail that I need to access old main was, so I had to go all around and add like five minutes and made me late to class once or twice,” said Phipps.

All of the numbers are from the FSS Planing Website 

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