Divine Canines

Photos by Daryan Jones:

Every semester Texas State University brings in therapy dogs to relieve stress during finals week. Layla the Therapy Dog is part of Divine Canines who help put on this event.
Remi Kimball, Public Relations Freshman, enjoys some kisses from Gracie the Therapy Dog in the Alkek Library during finals week. Therapy dogs can lower blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health, and much more.
A group of Texas State students gathered in a circle around Hemmy the Therapy Dog. Hemmy loves being pet just as much as the students enjoyed petting him.
Ranger the Therapy Dog receives pets from Madison Shutters, Exercise and Sports Science Pre-Physical Therapy Sophomore, at the Divine Canine stress relieving event on the 4th floor of the Alkek Library during finals week.
Serena Nastasi, Elementary Education Freshman, laughs in excitement after Gracie the Therapy Dog gave her leg kisses in the Alkek Library. Gracie was rescued from a shelter in North Texas when she was just a puppy.
Kaxan the therapy dog wearing one of his many famous outfits to help relieve student’s stress from finals at the Alkek Library on the Texas State University campus.
Ranger the Therapy Dog shakes hands with Corbin Jones, Finance Senior. Ranger is a Labrador Retriever Mix who loves running through fields and swimming.
Frida the Dachshund Therapy Dog greets Remi Kimball, Public Relations Major Freshman, with excitement. Frida loves meeting new people and going on adventures including paddle boarding.
Hemmy the Therapy Dog is enjoying being pet by Texas State students during finals week. Hemmy is a Heeler and Border Collie mix.
Courtlynn Noack, Applied Sociology Junior, leans in for a kiss from Kaxan the Therapy Dog. Kaxan was named after the KXAN news studio when he was found there as a puppy.














































Video by Quinlan Crowell:


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