Live on the Lawn

Keep San Marcos Beautiful presented Live on the Lawn at San Marcos Plaza Park. Each week in the spring, they feature different vendors and live music from local musicians.
The event was free and had tables for friendly activities that began at 6:30 p.m.









At one table they had a game with a fun wheel of questions. Someone would spin the wheel and answer the question it landed on.
From the gaming tables, there were a variety of prizes for to choose from.









Other than the gaming tables, there were also information tables that were set up. The San Marcos River Foundation made their appearance at Live on the Lawn. Diane Wassenich (left) is their Executive Director, Justin Wallace (middle) and Ana Shupp (right) are spring interns for the foundation. They had their laptop available to have people subscribe to their newsletter and provided information on volunteer opportunities.
The San Marcos River Foundation had a poster board with facts and information on what flows though the San Marcos River and how we can help preserve the river.












Volunteers from The San Marcos River Foundation collected cigarette buds from around the river, park, and downtown area of San Marcos to aware people that any bit of litter can stream towards the river and affect the species that live there.
The San Marcos River Foundation also had shirts available for purchase that would help benefit their organization.










The San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance also had an information table. Dick Wassenich (left) and Scott Henize (middle) are board members for this organization. Diane Phalem (right) is a committee member and was also voted volunteer of the year. At the event, they informed people that volunteers are a big part of maintaining the trails in San Marcos and help keep the city beautiful. They also had information on how to be a part of their organization.
The San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance had a poster with helpful information about public greenspace and maps of the hiking, biking and walking trials in the San Marcos.













At the event, there were bins specifically for recycle, landfill, and compost that were set up to help decrease the amount of litter.
Families and friends got to Plaza Park early with their blankets and lawn chairs to find the perfect spot on the lawn as they wait to hear live music.










A game of Frisbee was played while waiting for the event to start.
The San Martian Quartet performed their music on stage at 7:30 p.m. which ranged from jazz to Latin style.







At Live on the Lawn, guest brought their furry friends to Plaza Park so they can also enjoy the fresh air and live music.


Larry (right) and Betty Anderson (right) visited San Marcos from Wichita Falls. They had a great day touring San Marcos by visiting the shops on The Square and dined at Root Cellar Cafe. They finished off their night by attending Live on the Lawn for the first time.







As the music and night went on, the children continued to play a friendly game of soccer.



Live on the Lawn was made possible by local businesses in San Marcos. The sponsors for this event were Grande Communications, Root Cellar Café, Texas Disposal Systems, Verts Mediterranean Grill, Central Texas Medical Center, Carson Properties, The Hitch, Mensor, and Tickle-Blagg Animal Hospital.

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