New Tailgating Policies at Texas State

Video story by Lara Deitrich

Photos by Caitlyn McCarey

On Nov. 11, Texas State University played Georgia State at home. Texas State students tailgated to celebrate the last home game of the season.


The Jesse Stratton Band played country music live to entertain Texas State students at the tailgate.
Joseph Losoya, @bubbleguytxst, was at the tailgate to get Texas State students pumped up for the game.
“It is a tradition across all schools. People want to drink and have a good time. I definitely don’t think it [tailgate] is as fun anymore,” said Matt Conrad, TXST Junior.
Hays County Police were patrolling TXST Tailgate to enforce the new tailgating rules.
Hays County Police along with Texas State University Police monitored the area to make sure Texas State students were safe and responsible.
Students played games of beer pong throughout the day.
Cooking along with other activities are done all day long to celebrate game day.
Lara Dietrich interviewed Texas State Student about the new tailgating rules.
Tailgate groups serving and/or providing any alcoholic beverages other than for personal consumption will be required to have a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) certified server.
To help ensure a fun, safe, and responsible time, students and fans are encouraged to drink responsibly, pick up all trash around tailgate area, recycle whenever possible, dispose of ashes and hot coals properly, stay hydrated, respect others by not disrupting other tailgates with loud or vulgar audio and follow all guidelines set by the tailgating committee and Texas State.
All tailgate participants are expected to abide by all state, city, NCAA, Texas State University and Texas State University System laws, policies, and rules. The possession and use of alcohol must be in compliance with all state, county, city, Board of Regents and university laws, ordinances or rules. Disruptive behavior, disorderly conduct, public drunkenness and similar types of behavior can result in referral to a university disciplinary committee and/or potential criminal prosecution.













Audio story by Alex Garza

Alex Garza:

Today I’m speaking with Senior Student Michael King here at the Texas State football home game. It’s the last one of the season and I’m curious to see if any of the policy changes affect him. Most of these policy changes affect large groups and organizations asking them to have a police officer whenever alcohol is being served and a dedicated server. Here are his thoughts.

Michael King:

Well I don’t actually come here with an organization often. It’s usually just me and a couple of friends. So I’ve actually not noticed much interference as far as the new rules go.

Alex Garza:

When Mr. King said that none of the policy changes affected him, I figured I’d go ahead and ask what he enjoys most about tailgating here at Texas State.

Michael King:

One of my favorite parts about tailgating is just being able to interact with all the other people that come here. Really shows me the environment, the true reason I actually came to Texas State was because of the lively environment. So I honestly just get my fill here, it’s amazing.

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