Putting on Face Post Quarantine: Final Project Multimedia Journalism

SAN MARCOS- Kendall Lewis, an Esthetician based out of Buda, Texas, spoke on how she maintained her clientbase during the early stages of quarantine while the medical spa she works at was closed. 

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, many businesses were forced to close their doors, but this proved to be particularly hard on small, local establishments. During this time, employees of such businesses had to find ways to adjust and maintain their clientbase. 

Kendall Lewis, an Esthetician at Results Medical Spa in Buda, said she took advantage of her social media platform to reach out to her clients. 

“I couldn’t just sit around at home, so I began making videos on skin care and posting them on Instagram…it was a way for me to continue doing my job.”

Additionally, Lewis noted that she used her freetime during quarantine to search for the best skin care products that are readily available online. 

“I started buying skincare products from websites like Amazon and Etsy to try and review on Instagram for my clients,” Said Lewis. “Since most people were out of work, I wanted to find quality skincare that wouldn’t be difficult for my clients to purchase or break the bank.

Though her social media accounts, Ms. Lewis influenced her clients to purchase certain products

Lewis also spoke on how quarantine and being out of work affected her personally. 

 “People always say you don’t know how good you have it until you don’t have it anymore and they’re absolutely right,” she said. “At the time, I lived with my parents and being at home with them day after day and not getting to see my friends or go out really took a toll on me after a while. I guess quarantine  revived my passion for what I do and connecting with my clients through social media really helped me to cope.” 

Lewis reflected on how her experiences over the past year changed her and her approach to work.

“I gained certain skills I never thought to focus on before this,” she said. “Producing content for my clients and others on social media wasn’t something I ever considered before… sitting here now, I understand that as someone who works for a small business, using social media as a supplement to my work can only help me.

Lewis’ clients were drawn to her practice due to the products she uses and used their visits to her as a way to relax and decompress

Kelly Reyes, co owner of Results Image Med Spa, felt the uncertainty of the impact of the pandemic and its effects on the business.

“We just had to power through and take things day by day,” she said. “Our line of work requires us to be in close contact with clients and everything is very hands-on, so we had to consider the safest route to take when it came time to reopen.” 

Reyes also shared how quarantine affected the overall wellness of her clients.

“Losing weight and getting healthy is not a straight and narrow path,” said Reyes. “Part of what we do is provide a support system in order to encourage our clients to stick with their regimen, but quarantine disrupted all of that. It was clear that we needed to take time with each client to see how they were doing before jumping back into their regimen and treatments.” 

Debbie Brewington, another co-owner of Results Image Med Spa, touched on how they got the business rebooted and where things stand currently. 

“It felt like a blur and it was pretty stressful, if I’m being completely honest,” she said. “When we were finally able to open up, there was so much to catch up on with clients and restocking the store and products. After all of that was set and done, it was clear to see that it was worth it.”

For those interested in skincare or booking an appointment with Kendall, check out her Instagram @skincarebykendall.

For those looking for more info regarding Results Image Med Spa, please visit their Instagram @resultsweightlossandmedspa or their website resultsweightlossandmedspa.com

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