San Marcos Hidden Treasures

Spider webs entangle jasmine flowers along the river.
A mother turtle and baby turtle sun bathe on a rock in the Aquarena Aquarium.
The elephant ear plants can be seen from the Glass Bottom Boat Tour.
Critters occupy plants near the river on Aquarena.
Wildlife captivates the Aquarena area and illustrates South Texas.
The Wonder World Park train runs throughout the day and takes visitors around the park.
On top of the Aquaria Aquarium. The rooftop serves as a meeting place, lunch spot and leaiure area.
The essence of San Marcos, directly in front of Wonder World Park.
Water flows at Aquaria Springs.
Wonder World Park offers cave tours, anti-gravity houses, a wildlife petting park,train rides, and hidden tunnels. The park is great for a family day of fun!
There wasn’t much commotion on Wonder World’s Amusement Park walkway in the early morning hours.
Wonder World Amusement Park is a natural park offered to locals and tourists. Located off of 100 Prospect St, San Marcos, Tx 78666.
A Glass Bottom Boat Tour, offered close to campus, is a serene activity. Old Main is hidden behind the trees.
The view on top of Aquarena Aquarium. Glass Bottom Boat Tours are seen leaving the dock.
The Aquarium of Texas State University, hidden in the hills.
Various Plants are located along a pathway at the Aquarena Wildlife center.
The clear water of Aquarena Springs attracts locals and tourists to the all natural spring.It is rumored to stay exactly 75 degrees year round.
The view from the top of the Aquarena Aquarium. Passerby’s walk along the trail and trees are overhead the river.

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