Tacotopia: The “larger than life” playground

Tacotopia is an indoor playground featured in Austin during the month of March by Cholula Hot Sauce. Tacotopia gains its fans by establishing itself as a sort of “hybrid amusement park and Taco Festival” combined into a new, immersive and astonishing display.

The exhibit is fun and interactive for all ages, and one of the most ‘instagrammable’ photo opportunities that ever hit Austin! Katie Mire, 25, of Tennessee, says her favorite part about working at Tacotopia is “definitely the people”. “There are so many people that come through,” Mire says. “You get the hear peoples cool stories and then see them interact with the different exhibits.”

The cool exhibit features more than twenty-five spectacular installations, including the Lime Slice Swing and the Giant Chess Board with Hot Sauce Game Pieces. Tacotopia prides itself on not only its unique photo ops but the knowledge that to them, “everyday is Taco Tuesday at Tacotopia”.

Video Story by Alysia Whipple

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