Texas State Bobcats With The Win Against The Arkansas State Red Wolves

On Thursday, April 18th, the Texas State Bobcats faced the Arkansas State Red Wolves in the Sunbelt Conference. 
Number six slides into home plate and adds another run to the Bobcats score board. 
In fielder, Jaylen Hubbard, hits a double and lands a spot on second base. “In my head I was just trying to get something started for us. I knew we were going well, but I wanted to get the rally going. I got the pitch I wanted, and I maximized on it. Just trying to lead my team to a win with something positive in a big moment”, said Hubbard. 
Safe! Number eight makes an intense sprint to first base and gets there right on time. 
Right fielder, John Wuthrich, makes the crowd go wild with a home run that gets the Texas State Bobcats three runs. “I had two strikes so I was just trying to put the ball in play. Luckily I was able to hit it just hard enough to get it over the wall”, said Wuthrich. 
The crowd goes wild after number seven secures three runs for the Texas State Bobcats. 
The Bobcats celebrate at home plate after putting four runs on the scoreboard after Wuthrich hits a home run. 
Number 12 gets the Bobcats two runs with his impressive hit at bat. 
Number 10 encourages his teammate at bat from the dugout. 
After a nail biting game the Texas State Bobcats win with a final score of 16-14! The Bobcats move up in the Sunbelt Conference to 25-13 overall and 10-6 in the league. 

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