The Hays County area has been experiencing heavy construction in the last couple of years with the growing college town of San Marcos, with construction comes the dangers of a work zones.

San Marcos has a population of . This includes the student body at Texas State University. The construction seems to affect those that commute to Texas State from other cities around San Marcos. The commuters make up 80% of Texas State’s student body, and

Data from United States Census Bureau

The I-35 construction is an inconvenience to those that travel through the central Texas area. Although it seems to be affecting a little close to home. Texas State students have had many troubles just getting to campus due to the construction in the area.

The contrition on the I-35 began on August 2021 and will continue til 2025 if weather allows for them to continue working. The project is funded by CAMPO and TxDot. The projects are summed up to be $107 million dollars for all of the phases that are being done throughout San Marcos.

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The projects will reconstruct and improve the I-35 mainlines and bridge over SH123/ Guadalupe Street. The project will also relocate several entrances and exit ramps on the highway. The upgrades made throughout the highway will be done by Webber, LLC company, and they are keeping TxDOT involved. The Texas company has a Twitter updating those about lane closures and traffic in the area.

The affects are causing those accidents on the busy highway that runs through Texas. TxDot Traffic Safety Data has a portal that demonstrates the causes the most accidents throughout Texas. The lack of shoulder lanes, uneven lanes, and speeders lead to a dangerous mix on the highway.

Information from: www.data.texas.gov

The abundance of construction going on in the San Marcos area is creating a big problem for resident of the city and Texas State students that comment to the college campus. The construction is laid throughout I-35 and seems to go on for miles. Therefore the construction is affecting the flow of traffic, and creating a hold back on getting into the city. The excess is even creating traffic just to get into the Texas State campus.

The construction has phases according to the Texas Department of Transportation, and these are being checked off as they move along through the work being done on the highway. The project doesn’t seem to conclude till 2025 if weather allows the construction to continue. This is creating traffic throughout the college city.

Data from https://my35construction.org/projects/SH-123

The project consist of different phases with each having a box showing it that phase is completed or not on the website. The website continues to let low which projects are completed and which aren’t.

The construction is going on through I-35 there is also a lot of traffic occurring through San Antonio making it difficult for commuters to go through the traffic.

“The drive from home to San Marcos is a long one,” said Garza “Traffic has been getting worse throughout the years of me being at Texas State, and it obviously continues.”

Senior Texas State student, Jennifer Garza, comments on the last four years of being at Texas State she feels as if the construction has actually gotten worse. Garza’s first year she formed at Sterry Hall where they were building an apartment building with a Target underneath. The construction continues as new apartments, road fixes, and more is being done in the college town.

The I-35 construction is being done throughout Central Texas. This is causing for student of Texas State to have problems. The roads are closed and traffic is getting extensive throughout.

The exists through the campus are being constructed on which makes it difficult to be gone through with lanes closed, and concrete walls built to stay away from the work being done. This isn’t the only construction in San Marcos. There are some on campus as well, and those inconveniances are being announced in the emails being sent to students through their emails.

Texas State has been doing a good job in keeping students update on road closures, and new traffic due to construction. Although the San Marcos doesn’t seem to stop growing. The last 5 years Texas State has been enrolling more students then they can house, and that creates more opportunities for the city to grow. San Marcos will continue to grow in years to come, and the problem is that the construction will only get worse.

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