The People of Sewell Park

Stories from fans of the beautiful natural river on Texas State University’s campus.

By Bethany LeBeau, Kaiti Evans, Tae Gallegos and Garrett Moore

For Texas State University students, Sewell Park is the go-to social hub in the spring and summer months. As final’s week approaches, students have already begun laying on bikini hill to work on their tans. Others float the river in tubes or kayak through the falls. No matter the preference, all students agree that Sewell is the best place to relax on a sunny day between classes. Grab your towels, throw on a bathing suit and bring your homework because a day at Sewell Park before the end of the semester is good for anything.

Video Story by Kaiti Evans

Photo Story by Garrett Moore

Audio Story by Bethany LeBeau

Audio Story by Tae Gallegos

Graphic by Kaiti Evans

Graphic by Garrett Moore

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