The Vacancy of COVID-19

Covid-19 has left many local business out of business for a month now. If you’re not considered an essential worker which nail technicians, barbers, hairstylist and makeup artist aren’t, then your business becomes scarce and profession is no longer needed for a while.

Hair Salon in downtown San Marcos closed due to COVID-19. Normally walk-ins are welcome but sit-ins aren’t even welcome in this present time.

Flowers Bloom while the world seems to be doomed. Nearly empty retail parking lot shows vacancy in a parking lot that’s normally would have customers competing for space.

Non Essential retail business looking abandoned, one of in San Marcos Texas, usually a very busy retailer. Inside is Sephora which laid off more than 3,000 of it’s employees at the beginning stages covid-19 in the U.S.

Business leaves disclaimers for the locals. This one had a tentative start date that had to be pushed back further.

The sign at University Cuts in San Marcos is lit up which normally indicates it’s open for business while the open sign remain off.

Normally known for being open 7 days a week, this local barbershop is now closed until further notice.

This local non essential business closed it doors for good as a result of covid-19.

Normally buses, cars, bikes, and people flood this busy intersection but with shelter in place orders, the streets haven been real quiet.

Inside view of nail salon/ hair salon.

limited amount of time for an infinite amount of space along LBJ as business on the strip struggle to garner in business due to a lack of customers or closures.

In the store widows you can see cars, but for none of the business along the strip. Customers park in parking spaces near Ulta to avoid being in close social spaces towards Sam’s club.

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