Thomaides wins mayoral position by 42 votes

Kasandra Garza

December 13 was election day, and after a long election season, John Thomaides has won the mayoral position for San Marcos.

Up for grabs was the mayoral position, city council place two, and city council place three.

During election night on Nov. 8, neither Thomaides nor Becerra gained the majority vote. However, Becerra was ahead by 328 votes. Tonight, Thomaides won the election for mayor by exactly 42 votes.

This election season proved to be just as interesting as national elections. Becerra’s party claimed Thomaides contacted Mrs. Becerra and told her he will destroy their family on election night. However, Thomaides claimed he never even saw the Becerra family on Nov. 8.

Becerra has called for a recount following the results. Becerra took to social media the following day, saying he and his family had been publicly and privately attacked by his opponent. Becerra is set to release an official statement by later this week.

Thomaides has served on city council and advocated for the planning and zoning commission. Becerra has never served on city council or held any public office, however, he said this is not necessary as he is an active member of the community that could use a fresh take. A key note that played a crucial role in the election was both men’s stance on the building of a third HEB on the corner of Wonder World Drive and Hunter Road.

As for place 2 and place 3, Planning and Zoning Commissioner Saul Gonzales won Place two over former council member Shane Scott. Texas State University political science professor Ed Mihalkanin won Place 3.

Gonzales plans to keep single family neighborhoods away from housing developments. Gonzales spent eight years on planning and zoning commission prior to running for place two. Mihalkanin is an advocate for families who have not been helped by the growth in our community.

The canvass for the runoff elections will be Dec. 21 at the San Marcos City Council Chambers at 6 p.m.

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