Ways to Save as a College Student

I interviewed my mom Stacey Aguirre, my sister Jillian Aguirre, and my friend Emily Keithly on how they all saved money in college. Each had one thing in common even though they all went to college at different times, listen to find out how to save! 

Tips on How to Save in College

College is already hard… the academics, rigor, studying and time management. But becoming an adult and living and managing your money can make it even more difficult for some students. Having freedom can be a rush, and students forget they have to plan and budget, depending on whether their parents are helping them or if they are on their own. Some weeks money flows in and a bit goes into savings; others, you may splurge too much. By senior year, most students have learned different tips and tricks on how to save money and make extra spending money. HEB is a great place to shop, but if you have the time and gas money to go to Trader Joe’s, they always have food and drinks for a lower cost, which can cut your grocery bill down by $30-40 – extra money available to save or use to go out with friends. Go to the Dollar General for small items, like plastic cups, plates, forks, knives, napkins, and trash bags. Dollar General is a great place to get essentials; they have everything that an HEB would have, but for half the price. Kelsi Hopkins is a sophomore at Texas State University. She shares some tips on how she was able to save money. “ Luckily my bank helps me save money, because every time I use my card, a dollar goes into savings,” Hopkins said. “I split half of the money I make at work and put half in saving and half in my regular account. Also, eating at home for sure helps me save.” Shelby Summers recently earned a graduate degree at Texas State and had advice for saving on entertainment expenses. “ Buy your own alcohol, don’t buy alcohol at bars bc it’s expensive, try not to eat out a lot,” Summers said. “And cook at home with friends and stay away from Target and the outlets!” For people that are 21 and up, buying your drinks from the gas station or HEB is cheaper than buying and having to tip at the bars. If you’re going out every weekend, this can eat up your money quickly. A way to make extra money to go out with friends is to become a Favor Runner; this is the easiest way to make money for activities. One other tip: cook and eat at home. “I save money by trying to eat at home and using my meal plan that I still have leftover.” said student Hailey Reaves. Having a meal plan as a college student is the best way to save money, but not always the healthiest. It is easier since you don’t have to spend too much money at the grocery store, and there are plenty of places you can use that money on, not just on-campus food court, you can also use it as some restaurants off-campus as well as some stores. For other tips and tricks for saving money, check out Elizabeth Hoyt’s “31 Money Saving Tricks for Students.” 

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