Winter Extravaganza at Olympia Hills Gymnastics

The Beam was one of four events gymnasts performed on at the 2016 Winter Extravaganza at Olympia Hills Gymnastics.
Coach Ryan spotting a gymnast on the beam. This gymnast is on the team called HotShots.
This gymnast is performing her dismount off of the beam.
Four girls from the team HotShots performing their beam routines as coach Carly instructs them.
The vault is another one of the four events performed.
This beginner gymnast is performing her vault onto a mat.
Olympia Hills’ co-owner, Heidi, spotting a HotShot gymnast on the vault.
This beginner gymnast was performing a dive roll onto the mat.
Another HotShot gymnast being spotted on the vault.
The parallel bars, used only in women’s gymnastics is another event that was performed.
This 5-year-old gymnast is showing off her bear crawl.
Coach Tammy demonstrating a glide-swing to the gymnasts.
This preschool gymnast is working on glide-swings with help from coach Claire.
This preschool gymnast is practicing her hollow body position to prepare for bars.
The gymnast is at the end of her back hip circle skill.
Men’s parallel bars.
Boy Gymnast being spotted by coach Zach on the men’s parallel bars.
A HotShot gymnast about to perform her floor routine.
Boy gymnast performing his handstand on a spring board.
Gymnasts and coaches from session three stretching as a group.


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