Photo Galley: Kids in Quarantine

By Ally Bolender

THE WOODLANDS — As Montgomery County, Texas enforces quarantine, closure of non-essential businesses and a curfew, Texas students are required to do schooling at home, isolate from friends and spend more time with their family.

Gracie Bolender (18), Jackson Bolender (14) and Carson Bolender (9) are siblings from The Woodlands, TX.

Gracie Bolender (18) is a senior in high school and has missed out on her senior prom, trip and graduation. The graduation has been postponed tentatively until July 12 and may be livestreamed for family members.

However, Gracie has stayed positive by finding new quarantine-friendly hobbies and creating zoom calls so that her and her friends can socialize.

Jackson Bolender (14) is an eighth grader who had to give up his track and lacrosse season due to the Coronavirus. However, he appears unfazed by the circumstance, “It’s okay because I can play Xbox all day and [dad] can’t get mad at me,” said Jackson Bolender.

Carson Bolender (9) is in third grade. He has his own iPad to complete his assignments on for the rest of the school year. But with parents at work and siblings busy with their own schooling, Carson finds himself falling behind on assignments and in need of help from mom and dad to set up Zoom lectures.

These are snippets of the Bolender kids in quarantine– sometimes struggling, but nevertheless, persevering.

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