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Industrial emissions were responsible for 50 percent of U.S. pollution.

According to new United States census figures, Texas has an estimated population of 63,509.  San Marcos, Texas is the 60th largest town in Texas based on the US Census Bureau’s official 2017 figures. 

About 80 percent of new jobs for the population are reported in small businesses across the country. Approximately two thirds of companies live in business for two years, five years will remain for half of all firms and 10 years for a third. Over 600 people work at a Local business in San Marcos.

Local enterprise is more responsible and gives more money to non-profit communities. Environmentally friendly support to local businesses is because their carbon footprint is often less than larger businesses.

San Marcos resident and small business owner of Nails by Jazmine, Jazmin Gaytan said she believes there is a huge significance and impact that supporting a local business can make on a community.

“It is important to support local businesses because unlike big franchises that just want to set up shop, we actually know and care for the people in our community,” Gaytan said. “We want the best for each other and want to see one another grow and flourish in our community.

Brittany Marlow, whom is a local salon business worker at Cuttin’ up Salon and San Marcos resident, said she is also very for the idea of supporting local businesses for many of the benefits.

“I know it is important to support local businesses so that the town stays afloat and all the businesses can keep their doors open and the town can keep expanding.” Marlow said. “I personally support local businesses because I feel like giving them all the help they need even if it is just a little bit here and there from locals like me.”

56% of local employees have a high level of commitment, while 38.7% of non-local employees have similar values.

The local economy with both types of companies preserves salaries, local taxes, and donations. The buying of local services such as accounting or marketing services and the acquisition of local supply from non-local companies are lacking in local economies.

Gaytan expresses how the impacts of social, economic, enviormental, technology, legal and political environments have effected her business, she said

“At my business we are much more focus on our internal social environment, rather than external. However, if we had employees with external multicultural society it would often inform us on different values, beliefs, and customs. Economics will impact our business by determining if we are successfully moving forward such as cost of goods, our pricing and revenue if unemployment rates, taxation, inflation, interest rates goes up it could cause damage to our business.” Gaytan said. “Technology impacts our business by providing external resources to market our services. Political environments impact our businesses more than one would think. If we are purchasing our goods over seas and regulation, foreign trade policy, tax policy, trade restrictions change one will simply have to pay double if not triple for goods impacting the resell.”

Small photography business owner and local resident, Briana Reebs who runs Simply Breezy Photography speaks about the effects these impacts have on her business. She said

“When things change my business fluctuates up and down depending on the season and the economy.” Reebs said. “Especially political and economic impacts effect my business the most.”

Lash Technician and Texas State Alumnae, Nardos Getachew whom owns Nardos Lash co, is a 2 year local businesses owner faces many challenges being smaller than most franchises. She said

“I manage everything but my biggest challenge has to be my finances,” Nardos said. “I have to make sure that I have all my legal things for the government and city taken care of compared to a franchise, they have someone to do it for them.”

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Gaytan says she also faces many obstacles having her own smaller Nail Salon for the last 4 years. She said

“We often face not having extra profit, because we invest 90% of our profit back into out business,” Gaytan said. “Even not making much profit we still find our way to support our local friend’s businesses.”

From 2013-2015, San Marcos was the fastest-growing city in the Unites States according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Since then, San Marcos has continued to grow steadily. With more people in town, potential business owners feel as though it is a good time to finally open up their businesses. I found information from many different official city websites, some being; Greater San Marcos, United States Census Bureau, and the City of San Marcos for the statistics on the jobs people have in San Marcos, Texas.

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