Adopt or Shop – Deciding which route to go for your Dog

Every year people decide to go and buy a dog from the local pet shop and these animals are given as a Christmas gift. Nationwide there has been a 25% increase in of animal returns to the shelter by February. However, what many people don’t stop to think about is that many of these poor animals end up in the animal shelter by Valentine’s Day. People tend to over simplify what it means to be a better owner and what kind of time and finances are needed to support an animal. This Christmas season shelters across Central Texas are encouraging and educating people interested in purchasing a dog for Christmas to adopt from shelters and fully educate themselves on the realities of being a pet owner.

Shelters are continuously sharing why you should adopt a shelter animal but many don’t know that adopting a shelter animal can mean you are saving a life. Social Media Marketing has changed the way that these animal shelters are sharing about adoptable animals. Analytics show that Animal shelter are receiving 86% increase in general awareness about their shelters and and 66% increase in adoptions. Every year, on roughly 6.5 million pets enter animal shelters nationwide, 3.2 million are adopted, and 1.5 million become euthanized. When you adopt an animal from a shelter or rescue it also opens up a spot for another animal to be rescued.

Over the past years animal shops have made news by being exposed for treating the animals with poor conditions. A pet show employee is here with us to talk about her experience working at her local pet shop, “When I worked at our pet shop in my hometown my mind was changed about pet store chains forever.” Kathryn Jackson continued, “after being a lifelong pet owner and customer of this store I was astounded to see the condition at which these animals are kept. I knew the quality of care I give to my own animals and knew that this system of care wasn’t to my own standards. I found myself feeling guilty for supporting this store in the past and I found myself not being able to continue working at that location.”

But not everyone feels that way. A long time manager of a local pet store, shed some light on her view of the situation stating, “While I understand others have been disappointed in the quality of care of some stores I can confidently state I don’t think every store is the same.” Margo Jones continued, “I have worked for my shop for quite a while and not only do I think the living conditions are exceptional and we care for all of our animals. I would do research about any place you decide to get an animal from regardless if it’s a storefront or a rescue.”

However there are more options than just a shelter or shop the ASPCA lists 5 main categories of places including shelters, breeders, strays, friends/relatives, and private parties.

Rescues and shelters work to make themselves the number one mode of obtaining an animal a lot of them have turned to getting reviews from adopters. A Pet owner who adopted her dogs from DFW Pugs and Pug Rescue of Austin said, “All my dogs were saved by amazing organizations that helped nurse them back to health.” Kylee Stewart continued to express her admiration for these shelters by stating, “I have personally fostered, volunteered, and rescued for these organizations and I have seen how much it has impacted others that work there and my own. I have seen so many dogs including my own at their worst before being taken care of and how much greater they are doing now.” She exclaimed that watching her dogs transform under their care pushed her passion for service animals.

There are other services that come with going through a shelter or rescue many foregore mentioning. An shelter adopter had this to say about her shelter experience, “I adopted my puppy from a shelter in San Antonio around the holidays last year after about a year of searching for the perfect dog to fit my lifestyle.” Hannah Roberson continued, “after all the research I think financially there was a huge benefit to adopting from a shelter fleas than $100 compared to hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars. The shelter also covered the cost of microchipping and her spay surgery. She has such a big personality and truly is my best friend and can’t imagine not having her. Last semester was really hard for me but she was there for me through it all and was definitely what got me out of bed when I didn’t want to.”


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While the options of obtaining a pet are limitless it is important for every future owners to do research about where they are obtaining your pet and think about the benefits of all options.


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